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Cheers to new beginnings! Happy 2012!

I made the decision towards the end of 2011 that I wouldn’t make any new year’s resolutions. I decided that instead I would set intentions for the new year. Intentions of things that I would do or strive to do throughout the new year, rather than things that I resolve to do. My intentions span all areas of my life – work, yoga, family, life. So here goes, in 2012, I intend to:

  • be present
  • be kind
  • let be and let go
  • smile
  • laugh and laugh at myself
  • not take myself so seriously
  • live
  • love and be loved
  • have fun
  • attend yoga classes and/or practice yoga at home at least 4 times a week
  • eat 5 fruits and veggies a day
  • be compassionate towards myself and others
  • pay off all non-mortgage debt
  • set long-term goals for my careers in accounting and yoga
  • pen two or three blog posts every week
  • complete my thesis for my 500-hour certification – Yoga & Knitting: an exploration of mindfulness, meditation, & creativity
  • visit my family in NJ as often as I can
  • take care of myself
  • fail, as failure plants the seeds for success
  • grow up
  • grow old gracefully
  • be my authentic self
  • embrace my creative side
  • continue to knit and art journal regularly with my friends
  • break the patterns that do not serve me
These intentions are not in any particular order. This list will grow and evolve throughout the year. Some of these intentions are goals with tangible end results and steps to achieve. Some of these are attitudes for me to embrace. And some of these are reminders. My intentions are never fixed and while the “goal-orientated” intentions may come off the list over the year, many of these will stay on the list indefinitely. I look forward to continuing to look back at these intentions and see how they evolve over the next twelve months.
And these are only my intentions. Check out the intentions of some of my friends: YogaTwistOnLife and Adventures in Vegetarianism.
Did you set any intentions or resolutions for the upcoming year?


  • Hi!

    Thank you for the shoutout! I love how simply stated and clear your intetions are for the year! I’m impressed with you 2 or 3 blog posts weekly intention! I look forward to reading and being inspired from you! :)

    PS…I wanted to mention to you last night, I love the knitted gloves with the buttons you were wearing. Super cute!

    ~ Christine @

    • Thanks Christine! We’ll see how it all goes and I’m definitely taking it one day at a time.

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