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So, I definitely feel like I’ve been slacking with my knitting corner updates, but I think I’m back in business now. Last week, I finished my uncle’s 2011 Christmas gifts and am happy to say that he loves them. The exact text I got was “I needed a shorter dress scarf. That’s perfect. And the hat is cool. I don’t have one like that. It makes me feel really hip and young.” I don’t think I could be happier about something I tried on a whim – the hat – and I’m so happy he likes the scarf, too.

Although my niece’s blanket is still in production, as are my leg warmers, I have had fun lately starting two other projects. First is this cute bungalow hat. I found the pattern in the Spring 2012 issues of knitScene magazine and couldn’t resist trying it. So last week, I started it. After working out some kinks and learning how to knit short rows, I am having some pretty good success with it. Here’s my progress thus far:

Bungalow Hat in Berroco Remix in Strawberry

I’m hoping that I’ll have this finished over the weekend. It’s been a fun and fast project, now that I have the hang of the short rows and have figured out how to create the faux seams. And I think it will make the perfect gift for a few people that I have in my 2012 project list (the first one is mine though).

the wrap I made my cousin, Jackie

When I left the bungalow hat at the yoga studio last week, it forced me to work on something else, and although I had two started projects, I found it necessary to pick up a third. I began the cape/poncho that I discussed with my mom over Christmas. She loved the wrap I made my cousin and wanted something similar. I ordered the yarn over Christmas, but hadn’t had a chance to work on it. On Friday night, I had a phone consultation with her and then started her white wrap. Here’s my “sketch” of what I expect it to look like when it’s done:

my sketch of my mom's poncho, I found a fun app (Doodle Buddy) that I'm having fun playing with (I'm fully aware it is a little child-like).

What I learned from starting it, is that I need to order more of the fun fur yarn. The design of this compared to my cousin’s wrap, will require a lot more yarn. I am happy to recognize this now. I’m pretty excited about this though, because I think I want to make something similar for myself with other fun fur and homespun yarn that I have in my yarn stash. These kind of capes will be nice ways to use up the stash.

the start of my mom's poncho


the start from another angle

I’m also considering making a simple shrug (rectangle with two sides seamed for arm holes).

I have fun designing, as much as I have fun following patterns and learning new stitches. I’m looking forward to an upcoming creativity gathering with the girls this weekend, for knitting and chatter and hopefully, wrapping another project.

What are your latest projects? Have you had any creativity gatherings lately?

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