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me in my completed bungalow hat... a self-portrait

This past week has been incredibly busy again – work, yoga, keeping up with friends, keeping up with my apartment. So this post is a little late, but better late than never. Last weekend was filled with lots of creativity. My saturday included a little bit of photography mixed in with a shopping expedition in Georgetown and my sunday was knitting and art journaling. Needless to say, I’m just getting around to writing about my creative play now.

Melissa's Kindle Cozy - she was about an inch and a half away from completion when we packed up.

I spent a good part of my sunday knitting. The morning leisurely started in my favorite coffee shop with Eve and Melissa – chatting, enjoy sweet treats, sipping teas and coffees, and knitting. Melissa brought a fun small project – a Kindle cozy – that inspired me to make an iPod cozy (pics to come next week).

Eve's sweater

Eve brought the sweater that she’s been working on. It’s been incredible to watch her progress. She was working on the second of the two front pieces.

I spent my morning working on my bungalow hat. And I made incredible progress, so much progress that when I arrived at Teaism (meeting up with my friends, Valerie and Christine, and our other art journaling group) to begin art journaling, I set out my materials and then I took out my knitting needles and went back to work on my hat.

my art journaling space at Teaism - it looked like this the entire 3 hours I was there

As I’ve noticed in the past, I find that when I get together with my friends that it’s important to do what you need. And last weekend, I wasn’t feeling like working on my pages, I felt like playing with my needles. So, instead of art journaling, I knitted and chatted, while my friends journaled. It felt right and I had a really great afternoon. And the result was that, I finished my hat the next day.

the top of my finished bungalow hat







the bottom side of my bungalow hat



I really love the hat. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s truly my style. I think I just have to find the best way to wear it. This first bungalow hat is my prototype. I learned some new knitting techniques making this hat and I can’t wait to make the next one, where I can refine the skills and refine my gauge.

Last weekend was a great chance for creative play and I can’t wait to share my newest project and continue to work to finish up the projects I have started – leg warmers, my niece’s blanket, and my mom’s cape.


So, when did you last have some creative playtime? When is your next time?

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