Unfurling the creator within… a series on yoga and creativity – part 1

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the final handouts

“Yoga opens up the flow of creativity, the unfurling of the creator within.” (yogajournal.com)

Over the last twelve months, I’ve been pursuing my 500-hour yoga teaching certification. The capstone to the training is writing and presenting our yoga thesis. Over the last few months, I worked to research my topic, write my paper, develop my workshop, and pull together my handouts.

I chose to explore the connection between yoga and creativity because in my own life, I have seen an incredible connection between yoga and creativity. Yoga has helped me to find the space to be in the present, to take risks, to relax and let go, and most importantly, to find clarity. My creative pursuits, specifically knitting and photography, also keep me in the present, help me to relax and let go, and bring clarity to my mind. I felt that it was inevitable for me to find out more about the connection between yoga and creativity, as I have found it to be profound. Yoga has created the conditions in my body to foster and enhance creativity. Pursuing my creative interests has helped lengthen the duration of the benefits my yoga practice brings me (being in the present moment, relaxing and letting go, and clearing my mind). It’s a never-ending circle.

the assembly line for creating my workshop handouts

This new series will explore the connection between yoga and creativity, providing insights from my research and paper. I’ll also explore ways that yoga can help us tap into our creativity by releasing energy blockages within the body and provide resources to help you explore the topic further. I hope you’ll join me on this exploration of the connection between yoga and creativity.

As the exploration begins, a few questions to ponder…

Has yoga inspired your creativity? How?

What benefits do you feel like you get from allowing your creative side to flourish?

What are your favorite ways to express your creative side on and off the mat?

Next time… creativity defined, what it means to be creative, and the attributes of a creative mind.

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