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my yoga knee socks/leg warmers

Christine’s were this pretty pink

A couple weeks ago, I posted about yoga knee socks/leg warmers that I was making my friend Christine. After finishing hers and absolutely loving them, I decided that I needed a pair and made them for myself. I made mine in a gray/purple and I absolutely love them.

I used a diamond lace pattern that I found on ravelry.com and created my own pattern to get the right fit on the knee socks/leg warmers. Last Christmas, I made my first pair of yoga socks and I can say that I feel like I’ve evolved more than a bit with these. I worked increases up the back, above the ankle, that enabled me to wrap the lace all around the calf and get a nice fit.


see the lace pattern wrapping around the calf… a few more repeats and I would have a pair of thigh highs… hmmm…

About four more repeats of the lace pattern would have given me a pair of thigh highs. (it is entirely possible I may have a pair of diamond (or some other lace) thigh highs come the winter, since I love these so much.) I have recognized that I need to sew some elastic thread into the ribbing at the knee, since it stretches out quickly and in the next ones that I make, I’ll be doing more decreases around the top.

close up of the lace pattern

I wore these last weekend over some black leggings and I’m hoping to have them ready to wear this Saturday during some yoga training that I’m attending.

I have several pairs of these on my gift list, and with some more tweaks to the design, they will make great gifts. I have a few other projects in my cue to wrap up before I get to make another pair of these though. There are some arm warmers, a scarf, and at least one hat that I’m targeting finishing before I get back to these though.

I’ve been enjoying learning new knitting techniques and working on these and the other projects in my cue. Updates on those will come in the next few weeks. Knitting is one of the ways I like to express my creativity. It’s my creative playtime. And I can’t wait to have more time to work on those in process projects this weekend.

How do you express your creativity? When was the last time you had creative playtime?

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