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Creative Playtime at Home

Apr 29, 2012   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Art Journaling, Blog, creativity, self-care  //  No Comments

So, it’s been a couple weeks since my last point, and honestly, this was the first time I’ve opened up my home computer in the last two weeks. I’ve been busy with creative playtime, family, friends, yoga and work. I have been enjoying creative playtime  lately though, mostly at home, with my “mini” art journal, as well as my knitting (that will be another post soon, since i’ve been learning some new techniques and started some fun new projects).

The mini art journal has truly been more approachable for me, with smaller pages to fill with my inspirations. This is a collection of some of my most recent completed pages.



The ability to fill less space has made it more attainable to sit down more regularly and fill these pages. I plan to fill up more soon, as I continue to strive to make time for creative play.

When was the last time you dove into your favorite creative activity and just let go? If it’s been a while, maybe it’s time to schedule some creative playtime of your own and let your creative self shine.





Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

Apr 11, 2012   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Art Journaling, Blog, creativity, knitting, self-care  //  1 Comment

a sole tulip on my way to my afternoon of creative play

For the first time in 6 years, I spent Easter weekend away from my family. So I decided to fill my weekend with close friends, yoga, and creative play.  On Good Friday, I met up with my friend Valerie at Teaism for some creative play.

workspace for the afternoon of creative play with Valerie at Teaism

I went to a lunchtime yoga class after meeting with my yoga mentor and then headed to Teaism for lunch and some creative play. On the way, I saw this sole tulip and couldn’t resist capturing it. Then after enjoying some lunch, we took our iced teas and sweets to find a table to settle in at for a couple hours.

feeling inspired by the old window at Teaism

We spent our time talking and working on our creative endeavors. Valerie spent her time pulling images and putting them in her new “mini” art journal. I spent my time working on a summer scarf for our friend Julia.

Julia's summer scarf (the first 4 inches - 56 more to be completed)

It was a lovely afternoon out and about in DC. And it inspired me to do some art journaling when I came home, but only after I acquired my own “mini” art journal.

my "mini" art journal


After some more yoga on Friday night, I spent the better part of my evening, creating pages filled with inspirations that I’d been collecting for a while. For the first time in a while, I felt how the inspirations worked together.

the blank pages - not really blank, some lines and design make a great "blank" starting point


a collection of tea info and pictures










inspiring images of happiness

inspiring images of healthy eating and nutrition









It was great to feel the inspirations coming together. It happened when I least expected it. I’ve got more creative playtime coming up this weekend, as I enjoy some knitting time with the girls again. I’m looking forward to picking up one of my older projects and getting closer to finishing it. I love finding time for creativity.

When was your last afternoon of creative play? How do you make time for creativity?

Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

Mar 15, 2012   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Art Journaling, Blog, creativity, self-care  //  No Comments

Before I have another afternoon of art Journaling with the girls this weekend, i thought it was time I caught up on my last afternoon from two weekends ago. Valerie and I got together again to chat and catch up over some tea and our art journals (plus some crispy kale that I brought to snack on). This time we met up close to my place at my favorite coffee shop, Buzz, where we agreed we seemed to have the most space we’ve ever had to journal. We started tearing, taping, gluing, and talking.

part of our spread, and we could really spread out

more of our spread, i was reveling in being able to spread out

Valerie and I are both in journeys in our careers and it’s been great to be able to get together and just relax and chat. I didn’t really have a theme for the pages I created and honestly, I didn’t “finish” any. This time I seemed to add bits and pieces, but nothing was a complete picture.

the start of my pages

playing with layering










i sandwiched the envelope underneath a magazine page

the pages i started, i feel like there's more to go before these will be finished

And I realized when I was packing up, that not finishing any pages was completely okay. I played with layering and decided that I would possibly revisit these pages on my next afternoon with the girls. I also realized that one of my favorite things about art journaling is how it has connected me with others who have similar interests. I’ve made friends through this activity and that has made art journaling that much more meaningful. For me, it’s not just about the images on the page, but about the social aspect. So when I’m not given permission to chatter, it’s almost like my creativity gets stunted and i don’t feel as connected to my journal.

I’m so looking forward to the next social afternoon, where I can catch up with the girls, see where everyone is in life, share magazines, and maybe finish those pages that I started. It’ll be another afternoon of creative playtime, after a morning of creative playtime (I have a knitting morning planned, too) and I can’t wait. And if all goes well, it might be part of a long weekend of creativity, the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom and I think it’s time to break out my camera and find inspiration in nature again.

Do you have creative playtime? Do you prefer being creative by yourself or when surrounded by others?

Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

Feb 13, 2012   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Art Journaling, Blog, creativity, self-care  //  No Comments

the contents of my ephemora packet... a fun take-away from the workshop

I actually started writing this post as I sat in Philadelphia’s 30th Street train station waiting for my 8:35 train back to DC, yesterday. I arrived in Philadelphia Saturday for a day of fraternity brotherhood and yogic tranquility. Yesterday, I headed home early in the morning so I could add an afternoon of art journaling creative play led by Kimberly Wilson to my weekend activities.

Sunrise in Philly - Sunday, February 12

I’ve been excited about this weekend for weeks. I got to do lots of the things that I love in two days. And after last Saturday’s art journaling afternoon, I’m completely ready for this one. My bag of supplies was packed before I left for Philly. And I was ready to make a quick transition of bags at my apartment after arriving to head straight out to the workshop.

my spread - images, magazines, ephemora, and supplies



As always, Kimberly started the workshop with a brief explanation and background on art journaling and our first prompt was creating a background, since a blank page can often by a bit daunting to start with.

creating backgrounds - the first prompt



Like the last workshop,  I followed some of the prompts, but not all of the prompts. I created a few backgrounds, which I did work with.

more backgrounds - i was drawn to the lines and the colors in this one








After a while, I ended up in my own world piecing together inspiration. While I had sought out to only find inspiration about personal style, I also found inspiration in words about finding a healthy life and personal transformation. Some images I was just drawn to and so, I used them where they seemed to fit.

inspiration for finding my personal style

color and shape inspirations, plus some 2012 bucket list items, that seemed to fit in









Kimberly also prompted us to work with layering. There are various layering techniques. Some are as simple as adding the tags and writing on them or the card stock. Others are creating foldouts or inserting envelopes to create more private pages.  I was having fun playing with foldouts today.

inspiration for my personal style, using a layering technique

images and words that i was just drawn to, relating to transitions and a healthy life (the page on the left is the foldout page, folded in half)










I also followed prompts on creating a self-care and gratitude list (not pictured) and my top ten (really 12, maybe even more takeaways). I used one of the backgrounds that I put in a few months ago for this top ten list.

Today’s workshop was a lot of fun as always. Some of my friends (Valerie and Christine) and fellow yoga teachers attended, which just made it that much more fun. And afterwards, Valerie and I went over to Cafe Green for a nice vegan/vegetarian late lunch.

It was a great afternoon of creative play and the perfect complement to Saturday’s exploration of tranquility. And it ended with an exchange of e-mail addresses, so that new friends could join in on our monthly scheduled afternoons of art journaling.

When was your last afternoon of creative play? When’s your next one? Mine will come in about 4 weeks and I’m pretty excited about it.

Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

Feb 6, 2012   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Art Journaling, Blog, creativity, self-care  //  1 Comment

Saturday's art journaling workspace... a.k.a. a table at Starbucks

This last weekend was quite busy and quite fun. It involved a trip to Potomac Mills, an afternoon of art journaling, and a morning of knitting with the girls. After a morning of some retail therapy with Alison (check for a post later this week on that little expedition), I met up with Valerie for an afternoon of art journaling.  The girls are meeting up later this month and due to some scheduling conflicts I won’t be able to attend, so we set aside some time at the beginning of this month to catch up, tear some images, and do some journaling.

The afternoon was pretty icky, so it was nice to be seated inside with a cup of hot tea and good company. And unlike my last afternoon of art journaling, I was completely ready to get to work on pages. I tore some images and articles out of one magazine, but then, I started to put some pages together. Today, I was ready to find inspiration and start pulling a mis-mash of images collected from previous afternoons together. I found myself pulling together ideas of where i want to be, searching for my personal style, and reminding myself of some of my intentions for the year.

















It was a really fun afternoon. I expressed my creativity, caught up with a friend, and stayed warm on a cold and rainy Saturday. I even had an accessory consultation (check out my yogini’s knitting corner for the details). I really enjoy my mornings, afternoons, and evenings of creative play – knitting, art journaling, cooking. For this particular Saturday, it was a really nice way to spend the afternoon and I’m really looking forward to more afternoons of creative play coming up soon.

When was your last afternoon of creative play?

Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

Jan 18, 2012   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Art Journaling, Blog, creativity, self-care  //  3 Comments

my workspace for this afternoon of creativity

This past weekend was another weekend full of creativity. I spent my Sunday morning knitting with the girls and then I spent my afternoon sharing in creativity and art journaling. I have to say, this weekend I didn’t do much journaling per se, but I did share in the creative energy.

me and Valerie (we've been meaning to get a pic of the two fo us for the last 6 months, so finally, we did!)






I met up with my some of my friends and fellow yogis – Valerie, Julie, Carol, and Rachel. And we were joined by Rachel’s friend Christina too. I spent the first couple hours we were at Teaism tearing out lots of images and phrases from magazines. I had been running low on pics and phrases, so this opportunity to collect more was exactly what I needed.

the table

a close-up of my workspace - yes, after i collected my images, I shared in the creativity by working on the baby blanket.

I had such a great time. I really enjoyed  sharing stories, getting to know these ladies even better, and being creative together. It was such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and a great way to spend the second third of my three-day weekend.

our collection of magazines

Have you shared creativity lately? When was the last time you enjoyed this kind of social time? Me – I’m can’t wait for my February creative gatherings and hoping to get a little creativity in every day until then.

Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

Dec 12, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Art Journaling, Blog, creativity, self-care, writing  //  No Comments

the finished cover of my 2012 planner pad

I spent today enjoying a lot of creative energy with two artist dates – art journaling and knitting – and my bi-monthly book club meeting. (Check out upcoming posts this week to hear more about the knitting circle and book club meeting – The Four Agreements.) After a morning of knitting followed by a much needed manicure, I headed into the Penn Quarter to meet up with some friends and fellow yoginis at Teaism to art journal.

Jessica, Julie, Valerie, & Julia

Danielle, me, & Hilary








we really spread out at the Teaism in Penn Quarter. (this is completely normal for us.)








I also delivered Julia's new scarf to her. Here she's modeling it doubled.

We settled in, spread out, and got to work. As usual, we each did what worked for us. There were images collected for future use, creations of 2012 inspiration pages, and lots of catching up. Me? This afternoon, I spent my time decorating the cover of my 2012 planner pad with inspiring words and images. (I’ve left the back to be done sometime in 2012.) I “laminated” it with clear contact paper, so it should be able to withstand getting beat up in my purse over the course of the next 13 months.

As always, I had a great time. But then again, it’s hard not to, when the your afternoon is filled with great company and good conversation.  And before we left, we picked dates (to be confirmed) for our first couple get togethers in the new year. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

When was the last time you shared inspiration and creativity? Have you found your inspirations for the year ahead?

Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

Nov 13, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Art Journaling, Blog, creativity, writing  //  4 Comments

Today was quite the day. It started at Buzz coffee shop and a knitting artist’s date with my friends Alison and Eve (check out this Tuesday’s “A Yogini’s Knitting Corner” for highlights from the morning). It ended with an art journaling artist’s date with some of my fellow Tranquil Space yogis and friends, Valerie, Julia, Julie, and Rachel.

We spread out at a couple tables in the basement of the Teaism in the Penn Quarter, and began flipping magazines, tearing out words and images, and putting together our art journal pages…

Rachel finding what inspires her


Valerie working on some of her journal pages









Julie creating her pages


Julia finding images and words









that's me, working on my first layered pages


I had a lot of fun this afternoon. I tried out some layering techniques using magazine inserts that I hadn’t used before and revisited my 2011 and 2012 action items from last weekend’s workshop. Here are my results…

inspirational images... pages in process






inspirational image and a great article from Real Simple about 5 rules to be broken





my 2011 and 2012 action items (revisited from last weekend's afternoon)






inspiration in words and images





inspirational images and words of inspiration and affirmation






It was a great afternoon that was filled with positive, creative energy, great conversation, and great people. It’s always fun to get together to art journal and catch up. And at the end of our afternoon, we set the date for our December afternoon of art jounaling. I am psyched for what is promising to be another full day of artist’s dates.

When was your last artist’s date? How do you like to share inspiration and creativity with your friends?

Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

Nov 6, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Art Journaling, Blog, creativity, writing  //  6 Comments

some of my finished pages from today

Earlier this year, I was introduced to art journaling when I attended an art journaling playshop lead by Kimberly Wilson. And I was immediately hooked. Although I don’t do much journaling on my own, I have lots of fun when I art journal with friends. So in September, my friend Valerie and I took up residence at the Starbucks in Clarendon for another afternoon of art journaling. And soon after, we have begun scheduling monthly artist dates to art journal and catch up.

the Sky Studio at Tranquil Space Dupont... i love this space, it was a perfect venue for the workshop

This weekend, Kimberly hosted another playshop and I couldn’t pass it up. It was another opportunity to be surrounded by creative, positive energy.  And it’s so much fun to socialize while setting goals, gauging where I want to be at the end of 2011 and where I hope to be going in 2012, reflecting on what we are thankful for, and thinking of more ways to incorporate creativity and creative activities into my every day life.

me with my spread of art journaling supplies, doing a little knitting before the workshop started

When I arrived at the Sky Studio, I set up my nest, equipped with blanket, meditation cushion, knitting, and all of the supplies I bought.

just some of the ephemora that Kimberly provided

Just like with the workshop I attended in July, Kimberly provided us some fun ephemora that we could incorporate into our journal pages.

the contents of my ephemora packet - thank you Kimberly!


The ephemora packets were full of so many fun things. (I can’t wait to work on a page where the leopard print ribbon resonates with my theme of the day.)

After we introduced ourselves and shared our reasons for coming to the workshop, Kimberly started providing us with our journaling prompts. The first prompt was to reflect on where we want to be or what we’d like to be doing by the end of 2011. I took this a step further and thought about where I’d like to see myself going in 2012. This is the evolution of my reflections:

the blank canvas I started the day with

sorting through and selecting words and images that resonated with me today










the backgrounds before I collaged over them

the finished pages - things i want to do the rest of 2011










I also decided that I wanted to add some inspiration from nature…

inspiration from nature (framed with the tissue paper background from the next page)

inspiration from nature










Everyone was having a lot of fun and finding inspiration and creativity.

my friend Valerie working on her journal pages

the other workshop participants










me and Kimberly

Similar to the first workshop that I attended, we closed out the afternoon sharing our take-aways about the afternoon. It seems that we all found something therapeutic about our journaling experiences this afternoon. I enjoyed pulling words and images together again, in such a positive and creative environment. It was such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Check out Valerie’s blog for her take on the afternoon.

I’m looking forward to my next scheduled afternoon of art journaling and definitely looking forward to future art journaling workshops.


Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

Sep 4, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Art Journaling, Blog, creativity, writing  //  6 Comments

Back in July, I attended a wonderful workshop led by Kimberly Wilson where I learned about art journaling and had a wonderful, fun, and relaxing experience. One of the best parts of the afternoon for me was sharing in the positive, creative energy of everyone who attended, while we were doing our art journaling. Yesterday afternoon, my friend Valerie and I had our own “mini” art journaling workshop. We sat down at a Starbucks, spread out our combined art journaling supplies, enjoyed some sweet and decadent beverages, tore out words, images, and full pages from magazines, chatted up a storm, and created our journal pages.

That's me.

This is Valerie.









I spent the first part of the afternoon putting together some new collage pages, using images, words, and pages that I’d collected since the workshop in July. I actually hadn’t done a collage journal entry since the workshop. I’ve found myself having more fun at home finding full magazine pages that I can just cover with my thoughts. And after I collaged yesterday, I found more of those pages and began to adhere them onto various pages in my journal to have pages all ready for my next urge to write. Figuring out the layout and adhering words and images that resonate with me to the cardstock background was so much fun and definitely relaxing. Although I didn’t use all of my “new” art journaling supplies, I did play with some of them and there are many leftover for use on future art journaling afternoons.

the first of two collage pages

the second of two collage pages of the day









As Valerie and I chatted, I laid out the pages, taped and glued the words and images, and used markers and ephemora to enhance my thoughts. I was like a kid in a candy store during the back-to-school supply sale at Staples. I picked up fun things to use in my art journal (multi-color permanent markers, post-it tabs, etc.) and practical items for art journaling (double-stick tape, glue sticks, scissors, pencil case, etc.). My favorite markers are definitely my silver ones. They helped me create the fun silver border on the photo on the right (above).

our collection of art journaling materials

the rest of our collection








I eventually joined Valerie in flipping through our combined collection of magazines (Real Simple, Fitness, & Self) for more words, images, and pages. I amassed a new collection of words and images that resonate with me for use in future collage journal entries. And I set up some new full-page backgrounds. This is the advanced preparation that I’ll appreciate the next time that I sit down to art journal.

Valerie and I spent nearly 4 hours at Starbucks yesterday. And we plan on finding the time to do this again next month. It was a fun and relaxing Saturday afternoon and definitely a great way to wrap up the first half of my long Labor Day weekend.

Have you tried art journaling? Do you like to do it by yourself or with friends? How do you like to prepare for your art journaling afternoon?


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