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A Yogini’s Knitting Corner

Nov 29, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Blog, creativity, knitting  //  2 Comments

This last week has been a busy week of knitting. I finished a couple more projects, started a couple more, and had a couple evenings knitting with friends.

my latest completed projects... another child's hat and scarf set

These are my latest completed projects – a child’s hat and scarf in Kelly Green.  And I started a pair of arm warmers/fingerless gloves for myself. I’m having fun playing with this new ribbing pattern. These are my new metro knitting project.

the start of my new pair of arm warmers/fingerless gloves








In the last week, Alison finished some fun wrist/hand warmers, too. Aren’t they adorable? And they were a quick project.

one of Alison's finished projects... wool wrist/hand warmers

It’s been quite the productive week and I look forward to having more projects to share next week. I’m definitely in gift mode right now, but still finding that sitting with my needles and yarn continues to help me relax and calms/quiets my mind.

Are you making any presents for the holidays this year? What are your favorite homemade/handmade gifts to share?

A Yogini’s Knitting Corner

Nov 22, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Blog, creativity, knitting  //  No Comments

easy yoga socks

I’m a little behind on my blogging, because I’ve been so busy with my knitting. In the last week, I finished the prototype yoga sock and then completed this pair. They were fun to make and I’ve already been able to wear them in the studio. I used a pattern that I found online. I modified the pattern a little. I chose to use a size 4 9-inch circular needle, and I used a Cotton Bam Boo yarn. The sock at the top is modified from the original pattern, starting the ribbing immediately at the bottom of the topside of the heel opening. I decided I like that fit better, so I’ll likely do that on my next pair. These were lots of fun to make and a great learning tool for me. I learned how to do ribbing, work with smaller circular needles, and bind off and cast on in the middle of a piece. I’m excited to use these techniques again for more yoga socks and on other projects on my project listing.

mobius infinity scarf

I also started a fun project for my friend Julia – a mobius infinity scarf. Here I’m playing with a checkered pattern, using ribbing, to add even more texture to the already interesting yarn. I cannot wait to show you how this looks when it’s completed.

And I’ve been amassing quite the collection of yarn. These are just a few of the new yarns I’ve picked up that I can’t wait to work with or work with more…






I’ve been having a blast knitting over the last week, which has included a couple more knitting artist dates and some knitting for meditation and relaxation at home. I’ve got a whole host of projects that are in process and cannot wait to show you the results of these creative endeavors, plus showing you more of my friends’ knitting projects. And hoping for more projects to share next week.

How are you expressing your creativity these days?

A Yogini’s Knitting Corner

Nov 15, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Blog, creativity, knitting  //  No Comments

Over the last week, I’ve had a lot of fun with knitting. This yogini’s knitting corner features the highlights from the last week…

I finished a few projects in the last week, getting a jump on my Christmas knitting list. Child’s hat and scarf set…

child's hat and scarf (using Loops & Threads Impeccable worsted yarn in Royal)

close-up of child's hat









The hat is based loosely off of a pattern I found on Lion Brand’s website. I used size 10.5 16-inch circular knitting needles and instead of using a garter stitch, I used a stockinette stitch for the main part of the hat and a garter stitch to make the brim, which I whipstitched in to place. The scarf is a basic garter stitch using size 8 needles, cast on 20 stitches and knitted each row until the scarf measured 48 inches in length.

And on Sunday, I got to have a knitting artist’s date with my friends Alison and Eve. (Artist’s dates are great ways to get together to socialize and share creativity and inspiration.) We spent nearly 5 hours at a local coffee shop – knitting, chatting, and enjoying tea and baked goods. Here are some pics from our morning…

Alison knitting... she's making a shawl

Eve knitting... she's working on a sweater









this is the panel of the sweater that Eve was working on



Eve is super organized... these are her knitting notions








my project... this is the start of my first pair of yoga socks



It was such a great Sunday morning – full of creativity, knitting, chatting, baked goods, and tea. I cannot wait until we can have another knitting get together. And I’m psyched to see how Alison and Eve’s projects turn out.

There’s more creativity and knitting in store in the next week and maybe next week, I’ll be able to show you how half of my first pair of yoga socks came out.

When was the last time you shared creativity and inspiration with your friends?


A Yogini’s Knitting Corner

Nov 7, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Blog, creativity, knitting  //  2 Comments

As you may have noticed, I’ve been doing a lot more knitting lately and I’ve been having a blast sharing the pics of my latest projects. So, my knitting corner will highlight my latest projects, favorite knitting supplies, and afternoons spent having knitting artist dates.

This weekend I finished this cute little blue ponchette. (Click here to check out the free pattern from Lion Brand.) This was my first attempt at making a garment. It was fun and an easy pattern to follow. This is my prototype and I did learn a couple things after I completed it. First, I’m going to modify the pattern so that the neck hole is a little bit bigger. It fits great around the neck, but I find that it’s a little tough to get over my head (maybe I just have a big head). Second, it could be about an inch and a half longer (I think i just measured it wrong).

This will be a fun top to wear over long sleeve t-shirts with jeans (like I am in this picture) throughout the winter months and I think it will be great when I’m cold in my office all year round. I’m also excited to try making this in other yarns. Those pictures to come in the upcoming months, but first there are hats, scarves, and yoga socks to make (my mentor asked if I could make yoga socks and truthfully my answer today is, no. But I can’t wait to try making  them, so today I found 6 different patterns and ordered the yarn and needles, so I could try).

I love this creative outlet. It’s the perfect complement to yoga, art journaling, and all the other things I do that help create balance in my life. And there will definitely be a lot more of this in the upcoming months and hopefully years.

How do you create balance in your life? What’s your creative outlet?

Keeping my head warm this winter…

Oct 30, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Blog, knitting  //  2 Comments

my new blue hat and scarf set (hat: Lion Brand Yarn Homespun in Delft & Lion Brand Yarn Incredible in Blue Shades; Scarf: Lion Brand Yarn Fun Fur Stripes in Deep Sea and Fun Fur in Light Blue)

I recently finished two new projects to help keep my head warm this winter. As I was completing the scarf on the left, my friend and knitting buddy, Alison, suggested that I should make a matching hat and I decided I would give it a try. So, I found a pattern for a simple hat, bought the correct size circular knitting needles, and learned how to read the pattern. And I have been more than pleasantly surprised by the results. My blue hat didn’t come out exactly like the picture, but it’s pretty close, similar result with my pink hat. (The first hat was the prototype hat, and then I decided I needed to make a second prototype – these two hats are for me. As I learn, I always keep the first of whatever I make.)

my new pink hat (Lion Brand Yarn Homespun in Mixed Berries and Lion Brand Yarn Incredible in Purple Party)

This was the first time that I followed a pattern. It was the first time that I increased and decreased stitches and used circular knitting needles for more than just an infinity scarf – a big loop. I had so much fun making these hats. And this morning, it was so cold out, I even wore the blue one when I was out about town. I do plan on working with the pattern some more and making some hat and scarf sets as gifts for this upcoming holiday season.

I’m so happy to be working with my knitting needles so often again. I have fun doing it and it’s become another way that I can socialize with my friends (posts about knitting afternoons coming in the upcoming weeks). Hopefully, I’ll have more projects to share soon, but for now, I have two new ways to keep my head warm this winter.

Are you working on any fun or creative projects? What’s your creative outlet?

Becoming Susie Homemaker…

Oct 22, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Blog, food, knitting  //  No Comments

the next hat... the beginning

So this morning I found myself up before 6 and not able to fall back to sleep (I’m almost certain that will have an effect later, but that is yet to be determined). Most Saturday mornings, I would inevitably try to sleep again, but today, not so much. Today, I seem to have become a Susie Homemaker. At 6 AM, I was beginning to knit a second hat…

the first hat... almost done (need to acquire the yarn for the side pom and band)





I finished the basic hat in blue last night and decided it would be fun to have one in pink and purple tones too. I’ll finish the blue one once I’ve acquired the yarn to make the side pom and band. The blue one is my first project that is based on a pattern. I’m pretty excited that I was able to follow the pattern and it came out (it fits quite nice too).

mixing the wet ingredients


At 7:30, I put the knitting down and decided it was time to bake. I made another batch of pumpkin spice muffins.

baking in the morning






I mean what else should you be doing at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. Today’s batch came out pretty good. They are moist and golden brown. And today, I got the equivalent of 2 dozen regular size muffins – made 18 regular and 12 minis.

ready to bake


the minis, right out of the oven

The baking went so much faster this morning than last weekend. It may have helped that the cabinet was already organized. I don’t know what happened to me this morning, but apparently, I became a little bit of a Susie Homemaker. I made the bed and put away some dishes too, all before 9 AM.

And I had a bunch of fun taking all the pictures of my morning activities. So maybe I’m not quite a Susie Homemaker, but this morning I was a lot closer to being one, than I think I’ve ever been. The baking was fun and I do enjoy the knitting. It was quite a productive morning. The pumpkin spice cupcakes may get a little old after a while though, so it might be time to find another cupcake/muffin recipe. Any recommendations?

I hope your Saturday is off to as good a start as mine is. What will you do today? Any chance you’ll be a bit of a Susie or Simon Homemaker today? Happy Saturday!


knitting again…

Oct 17, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Blog, knitting  //  No Comments

arm warmers... they were quite effective in the car with a short-sleeved shirt on my last drive home from NJ

So a couple months ago, I was knitting up a storm (literally during the hurricane). Since then, I’ve been picking up the needles, on and off, trying to come up with unique projects and working on more gifts (really, there are only so many scarves and shawls you can make, before they just seem boring). And similar to my artist dates for art journeling, my friend Alison and I get together periodically to knit and catch up. Yesterday, we sat outside, enjoyed some tea, chatted, and knitted. It’s a nice way to catch up and doesn’t involve spending lots of money or eating. It’s also fun to see what kind of projects we are both working on and sharing project ideas.

A couple of weeks ago, I finished these – arm warmers. They are a very basic stitch and extremely quick to whip-up. I’m not sure that they’ll work as gifts, but they definitely are fun to drive in (and a friend told me they might be good as part of an 80′s Halloween costume – flash dance, anyone?). I’m thinking that I might make a scarf to match them (and possibly a hat, if I am brave enough to give knitting in the round a shot again).

I am loving working with eyelash yarn, it’s bulky, light, and warm all at the same time. I’ve definitely got more projects with it in the pipeline, fun colored scarves and possibly some more arm warmers – i’m thinking black and furry, and maybe even some matching hats. We’ll see how it goes.

Are you working on any fun projects? Any patterns that you’d suggest for a beginner knitter?

Knitting up a storm

Aug 28, 2011   //   by Yoga Lisa DC   //   Blog, creativity, knitting, meditation, Yoga  //  No Comments

my size 19 bamboo knitting needles from ChiaoGoo

I learned how to knit when I was about 10 years old from my mother’s mother, my grandmother. For as long as I can remember, she would always have a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook and yarn with her almost everywhere she went. I have several afghans that she knitted or crocheted over the years. And at 89, you will continue to find her crocheting – mostly baby blankets for my nephews. I didn’t do much with knitting after the summer that she taught me, but I did remember bits and pieces of what she told me.

In 2009, I had a desire to pick up knitting again. I bought a “teach yourself how to knit” kit, some yarn, and a few extra needles to get started. That year, I completed one project and started one, which was put down shortly after starting it. Whatever I thought knitting would do for me, it wasn’t doing, so I just stopped. In 2010, while I was preparing to go up to NJ for the holidays, I decided that I might as well bring my knitting stuff with me. Afterall, I would be in NJ for a week, staying at my condo alone. And when I wasn’t visiting with family and friends, I would need something to do, that did not involve eating, shopping, or watching TV. It turned out to be a very smart decision.

While I was visiting New Jersey over Christmas, a blizzard (or near blizzard) decided to come for a visit dumping 5 to 6 feet of snow on us. Needless to say, I was condo-bound for a couple days and needed something to do – that wasn’t eating or watching TV, and reading wasn’t on the top of my to do list. It was the perfect opportunity for me to try knitting again. I found my knitting groove that week. I managed to finish 1 unfinished project and complete 2 short scarves from start to finish. When I was no longer condo-bound, I went out and bought a bunch more yarn to bring back to DC with me.

I got back to DC and the year of the scarf started. I decided that many of the important women in my life would be getting a handmade scarf in 2011. In general, I’ve always felt that there are few things better than receiving a handmade gift.  You can visually see and emotionally feel the thought that went into the gift. A handmade gift may not cost a lot of money, but in my years of giving handmade gifts know, they generally take a lot of time. The giving of time to make the gift is what makes it difficult to put a price on a handmade gift and makes it so special. The year of the scarf started by making scarves for my mother and sister for their birthdays. They were the first 3 scarves that I made in 2011.  I had a lot of fun making the scarves and the act of knitting was very calming and relaxing. Seeing how much my mom and sister liked the scarves when I gifted them cemented why I wanted to keep making and giving them away.

Lion Brand Yarn (clockwise from top left): Fun Fur Orchid, Fun Fur Prints Tropical, Homespun 329 Waterfall

A few weeks into the new year, I started my yoga teacher training and I was the knitting yogini. Training was held almost every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from February through mid-April. And I would bring my knitting with me to the yoga studio. It was almost guaranteed that you could find me in the yoga studio’s tea lounge for almost an hour every morning of training – knitting. And during the week between training weekends, I would pull out my knitting to help me relax. Over the course of my 200 hr certification, I completed 13 scarves and 2 wraps.  I found that I would get lost in my knitting. It was like sitting in meditation.

I’m still only at a point where I knit and pearl – so I make many scarves or wraps that I can do with either a stockinette or a garter stitch, and garter tends to be my favorite. I find it to be the most relaxing and meditative, since I can get lost in the repetition of the movement and I don’t have to think about changing the stitch. It’s the same reason why I haven’t ventured into patterned pieces or shapes yet.  (One of these days, I’ll try to make a pair of sock slippers. When I do, you can expect that it will find it’s way here.) The repetition allows me to become aware of where I am, aware of my breath, and aware of my thoughts. It’s not quite the same as sitting down for samatha meditation, but still requires finding a comfortable seat and physically stilling the body.

I started a new project – another wrap – after teacher training over Easter weekend. Without teacher training, it took me much longer to finish the project – picking it up and putting it down many times over the last 4 months. Although the need for the meditative benefit still exists, I have not made the time to pick up my knitting needles. However, it seems like kickstarting my knitting goes hand in hand with severe weather conditions. Due to Hurricane Irene passing through the DC area, all of my weekend plans were cancelled or postponed until later in the weekend (Saturday to Sunday) or to later in the fall and I all of a sudden had a completely free weekend to do whatever I wanted. Spending the early morning hours blogging about passions colliding and catching up with a friend over breakfast, I spent the afternoon and evening hours, knitting up a storm.

pattern of finished wrap (used size 19 knitting needles; see below for instructions)

made a cuff with the yarn i had leftover (used my size 17 knitting needles for this)









The rainy Saturday was the perfect weather to help bring awareness and calm back to my mind and my body. I finished the wrap, which I really do love, and made a cute wrist-cuff with the leftover yarn. (I’m hoping I have enough of the three yarns left to make a second cuff for a pair or possibly make a muff. I think they’ll be fun in the fall or winter.) This morning the rain continues, but is expected to stop in a few hours. After breakfast and maybe a nap, I plan to pick up another unfinished project and continue knitting up a storm.

How did you ride out the storm? What did you do while being stuck inside the house all day?


Instructions for Wrap (modified from a 2-hr shawl pattern I found on Lion Brand’s website)

Materials: 3 skeins each of Lion Brand Fun Fur Orchid and Lion Brand Fun Fur Prints Tropical; 1 skein Lion Brand Homespun 329 Waterfall (if this color scheme doesn’t suit you, select complimentary yarn shades using the same ratios: 1 Homespun yarn and 3 each of 2 different Fun Fur yarns)

Knitting needles: size 19 for wrap

Instructions: Pull yarn together from each of the three yarns to create one thread. Cast on 20-22 stitches based on desired width. Knit each row until wrap reaches between 68 and 72 inches long. Bind off after reaching the desired length.

To make the cuff, I followed the same approach, using size 17 needles and casting on 7 stitches. I then knitted each row until I reached the desired length to fit around my wrist and bound off the project. I used a plastic needle and the ends of the yarn to sew the two ends together to create the cuff. I think that 16 to 18 stitches and the size 17 needles would have resulted in a cute muff. I may be trying to make one of those later today. Happy Knitting!


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